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             Drawing is  a beautiful, artistic genre.
             The movement of a simple line created  from
             the mark of a pencil, to the intricate detail 
             of  a masterful drawing.
             An essential and beautiful skill portraying
             moments in time. Cherish the important
             people in your life with a hand drawn
             portrait from your personal photos. 
  • Choose your photo.
  • Photos are best with a high level of detail, good lighting and extremely clear features, especially the eyes.
  • If you are unsure as to what is the ideal photo, make a selection of your favourite photos and I am more than happy to advise you as to what I feel would be most suitable.
  • It is when I feel  compfortable with the photo choice that it results in a beautiful drawing.
  • If your photos are extremely valuable to you I suggest you provide a clear copy of the original or send the image via email. 
  • A1 – single portrait – $1,500
  • A2 – single portrait – $795
  • A3 – single portrait – $595 
  • Additional cost for multiple portraits in one drawing
  • Group portrait to be discussed on viewing
  • Price is for unframed portrait, however  a framing service is available.
  • A  50% deposit is required prior to commencement of your commission, this covers consultation and material fees.
  • Deposit is non refundable due to change of mind.
  • A time frame will be allocated for completion of the portrait.
  • The final payment is due prior to receiving the final artwork.
  • Cost of delivery will be discussed at initial consultation if required.
I welcome your enquiries,
Margo Carlon

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